About Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam, born April 10th, 1980, is an English actor, and screenwriter, whose caught the attention of virtually everyone in Hollywood. Most famously, known for his role at Jackson Teller, in the FX Series – Sons of Anarchy, he has appeared in a wide array of shows, and movies. He most recently appeared as Raleigh Becket, in the blockbuster movie Pacific Rim (2013).

TV Shows

Charlie Hunnam has starred in the following shows: Byker Grove, My Wonderful Life, Queer as Folk, Microsoap, Young Americans, Undeclared, and Sons of Anarchy


Charlie Hunnam has starred in the following movies: Whatever Happened to Harold Smith, Abandon, Nicholas Bickleby, Cold Mountain, Green Street, Children of Men, The Ledge, 3,2,1…Frankie Go Boom, Deadfall, and Pacific Rim